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the evening and online. to track the weather go to >>> in just minutes from now, president obama's plane is set to arrive at sfo. david stevenson live at sfo where anticipation is growing. >> reporter: you can see marine one and a number of marines standing by with a helicopter waiting to escort and lead the president down to a very special dinner in the silican valley that he's scheduled to have at 10:00 tonight. the president is scheduled to land five minutes ahead of time at about 5:40. when he arrived in on air force one that plane will taxi to the tarmac that you are seeing right now. the president is in the bay area for a overnight visit. a trip that takes him out of the white house. the president is expected to meet with steve jobs, huckelburg. and local political figures also hoped to accord the president's attention. san francisco mayor ed lee told us what he will say to president obama when he greets him on the tarmac in the next hour. >> already been reviewing the budget proposal we have on the federal level. and there's some $200 million that has been committed to the
.40 to san francisco. and the first passengers will start tomorrow. >>> president obama is on the second part of his west coast trip today and is wrapping up remarks at the campus of intel. mr. obama said that intel had, quote, placed its bet on america. the president also defends intel's initiative to encourage young people to become scientists and engineers. mr. obama arrived in oregon a few hours ago, touching down on air force one at portland international after spending last night in the bay area. will obama lifted off from sfo at aren't 8:45. he attended a denar at the home of a venture capitalist. the dinner guest list was a who's who of bay area high-tech superstars, including the ceo of twitter, the ceo of oracle, steve jobs of apple and mark zuckerberg of facebook got some one on one time with mr. obama. >>> we have video from the top of mount hamilton in santa clara county that was e-mailed to us. the cal tran truck is equipped with a snow plow but at last check, mount hamilton road was closed. skyline boulevard in santa cruz county and mount st. helena got snow. >>> ski conditions
to -- are pouring into the streets to protest a legislature. >>> and a preview of president obama's bay area trip. we'll tell you who he will be having dinner with tonight -- tonight. >>> mark tamayo is back with updated information about how much rain you can expect. >>> also, the new bay bridge project continues to be ahead of schedule. we'll tell you what caltrans told us late this morning. >>> bahrain's top diplomat is defending a violent predawn crackdown on protesters. riot police fired tear gas and rubber bullets into the crowd. many had been camped out for days and were sleeping. the confrontation left some dead, some critically injured. the foreign minister of bahrain says the violence was justified because the protesters were pushing this protest to the brink of abyss. >>> the state senate prepared to vote on a measure that would strip most public employees of their bargaining rights in wisconsin. the proposal has stirred massive protests for three date day -- for three straight days. the republicans hold a 19-14 majority but need at least one democrat present to have a quorum. police o
will ask our sunday group could president obama do more to topple qadaffi? and our power players of the week. taking on the leaders in iran by making fun of them. all right now on "fox news sunday." >> chris: and hello again from fox news in washington. as states struggle with huge budget gaps and take on public workers our first guest has become the new it boy of american politics. mitch daniels of indiana is being celebrated for turning deficits in surpluses and adding jobs and some are saying he should be the republican nominee for president next year. governor daniels joins us now. welcome back to "fox news sunday." >> thank you, chris. >> chris: and what is going on there is you just had rotator cuff surgery and you will not be ready for spring training. >> ju are in thtrain. >> you are in the middle of a stand offy house democrats. they first said that they were fighting against the right to work law which is now dead and now they say they are fighting against 1 othe 11 other bills e agenda. are you prepared to make a deal to get the house democrats back to indiana. >> no,
mubarak's latest refusal to resign. president obama is taking his toughest stance yesterday. alison burns reports the obama administration was caught off guard when he did not resign. >> reporter: dave, hosni mubarak's speech really blind sided the obama administers. after ward president obama issued this statement. too many egyptians remain unconvinced the government is serious about a genuine transition to democracy. it's the responsibility of the government to speak clearly to the egyptian people without world. president obama called for the egyptian government to spell out in clear and unambiguous language the step by step process that will lead to democracy. this clearly is a huge frustration for the obama administration. part of what lead to the expectation that mubarak would step down are comments from the cia director at a congressional hearing yesterday. he said it was a strong likelihood. the cia has been facing harsh criticism. as for whether president obama will talk about it pubically today, he has no public events scheduled but this is press secretary robert gibb's last day
live outside the alta exit allie rasmus. >>> president obama is waking up here in the bay area this morning that is following an exclusive dinner with the who's who's. kraig debro is live. >> reporter: the schedule departure time is 8:35. we'res at the north access road if you are traveling on 101 you'll see a sign on north access road. that is where we are. this is a media staging area. hopefully from here moments from now or within the hour we will be standing a little closer to the airplane. this picture we got from milbray you can see a better picture of air force one. not at the tarmac but closer to a hangar. this is live picture from near that motel. we will be able to show you the departure. white house says the president earl motorcade drove in to continue a dialogue with business on working together. last night the home of democratic donor john door mr. obama had dinner with the top high-tech ceo they include oracle, yahoo, and cisco companies. the meeting comes in the after math of president obama's budget. republicans grumble doesn't cut it enough because it cuts too
news. >> thank you. >>> president obama is defending his new budget proposal as one of tough choices. the president pitched his $3.7 trillion budget plan this morning, saying his proposal is a down payment towards fiscal solvency and more needs to be done to parish that -- accomplish that goal including changes to major entitlement problems. >> we'll have bring down healthcare costs further, including programs like medicare and medicaid which are the single most biggest contributors to the long-term deficits. i think we should -- >> republicans are blasting his proposal saying it does little to bring down the deficit. they are preparing a budget plan of their own. the president has made it clear what he wants to see what republicans are offering before any talks take place. >>> the gop spending plan could endanger the effort to affect the sacramento delta. this would gut rules that protect delta water rules, the salmon run and the endangered delta smelt. >>> and president obama's new 2012 budget calls for $130 million to help extend b.a.r.t. all the way to s an jose. but the project
's developments in cairo, including a live report on the obama administration's reaction from our washington, d.c. bureau. >>> it started as a search for a missing couple along devils slide. now it's an investigation into suspicious death in san francisco. francisco. >> the person was found on lombard avenue. the problem is no one seems to know where that address s none of the people at the hotel could confirm anything like that happened there. let's take you over to devil slide right now. that's where a search is getting underway any moment for the search of a man who is believed to be with the woman in that; death. they're looking for a man. the man is billy waterman, 51. he and his wife colleen were reported missing on monday. this all began on monday when people reported billy and colleen waterman missing. they came top -- to san francisco. less are doing an autopsy on the body found in the hotel. it may or may not be that of colleen waterman. they found the car just off devil slide and believe that belly waterman may be in the area. now, of course, they conducted a search off devil slide y
having to shoulder part? reporting live jade hernandez. >>> president obama is waking up here in the bay area this morning. that is following his meeting with a small elite group official can business leaders. ktvu news got a look at the motorcade. the private 90 minute dinner was at the home of john door. >> i think it's always good for the president to go out into the nation rather than bring people into the white house. >> a small group of demonstrators were along the motorcade route. they were protesting against smart meters. those attending include apple steve jobs facebook mark zuckerberg and google executive. >>> earlier several well known bay area politicians were there to greet president obama when air force one touched down at sfo. president will leave sfo at 8:45 this morning for hillsborough, oregon where he will tour the intel plant with the company ceo. >>> this morning highway 29 remains closed because of snow. the chp decided to shut down the road following a large number of spinouts and crashes. heavy rain also caused problems in mill valley where the parking lot flooded
that president obama has said in the last few minutes that egypt must spell out the changes needed to keel what has happened so far in cairo. here in the bay area a lot of people watching what happened in egypt. and president mubarak's refusal to step down is being met with criticism. mike hellgren has the story. >> reporter: a student was quick to call mubarak a pathological liar, a man with no respect for the young people in egypt. today they watched on tv and online. one american, one egyptian, both very disappointed with mubarak's refusal to step down. >> if the promubarak prospective -- >> reporter: then there's professor ibarim. american born, her family remains in egypt. >> we heard him say he was going to call for a constitutional amendments, he was going to appoint economies to do that and nobody wants him to appoint anything, we want him out. at this point it's really just a psychological battle. >> reporter: mubarak said today he will delegate powers to the vice president. ebraham calls him a pathological power. >> nobody believes he is going to give up power in september. and we hav
of air force one. president obama is going to be on that plane and departing for oregon this morning at 8:35 in the morning. at least that's what the itinerary says right now. last night the presidential motorcade brought him into the wealthy community of woodside last night. the president had a dinner of john door. but john door was the -- but john door wasn't the only one there. mark zuckerberg, larry ellison are among the invited guests. specifically it was discussing his proposal to investigate in research at development and expand companies to grow and hire. it's part of an on going campaign. he spoke to the chamber of commerce earlier this year about similar ideas about growing the economy about how businesses can spend more money. president is planning to leave the bay area this morning. he will go to hillsborough oregon. he will meet with intel ceo. he is scheduled to give him a tour of one of the most sophisticating chip manufacturing companies in the world. ment cooing up at 5:30 i will try to find out when the president will arrive and how. we understand he left here in marin--
. the obama administration is increasing its president on president mubarak to step down and why the egyptian president says he can't do it. >>> a certain group of people in south bay will soon be able to ride public transportation for free but they have to do something first. jade hernandez is in san jose with what is required to take part in this new offer. good morning, jade. >> reporter: good morning. that is right, they have to attempt to find housing and a job. we spoke to one bus driver this morning and we asked him what he thought about homeless people receiving free rides and there is some concern over how it will effect other riders. line 22 runs through this bus stop in east san jose. it's the longest route and there has been issues of homeless people riding to stay off the streets. in a month riders at this bus stop and any other could see changes. the vta is offering homeless people who qualify for pilot program free rides. the keyword here is qualified. the free rides are for those homeless enrolled in a program to help them find permanent housing. participates must find a photo
to cooperate with president obama on crucial national issues. house speaker, john and others had a nice lunch. they agreed to work together to improve the economy. >> we did have a fairly robust conversation about the need for all of us to work together to send a signal that we are serious about cutting spending. >> there's an agreement that we have to change the way washington works, particularly as it relates to spending. >> today was the first meeting between the president and gop leaders since republicans took control of the house. >>> congresswoman, gabrielle giffords has spoken for the first time since she was shot in the head in tucson. she made a request for breakfast. on monday, she asked for toast when her breakfast was delivered. doctors aren't saying how much more she may be speaking now, but they call it a breakthrough in her rehabilitation. giffords is at a rehab facility in houston recovering from a gun shot wound on january 8. six other people were killed in that attack. >>> he hasn't talked to me, i would have gone up with the fire. >> she escaped tragedy. now, she is head
cuts and president obama is expected to do the same monday. joining us, the gop point man in the debate, house budget committee chairman paul ryan who comes to us from his home state of wisconsin. president obama presents his budget for 2012 tomorrow and he reportedly is going to offer a plan that would cut the deficit his aides said by $1 trillion over the next decade. the key feature is a five year freeze on spending and some considerable tax increases on the wealthy. from what you have heard, what do you think of the president's plan? >> it sounds like the similar budgets that he has been giving us the last couple of years. last year he gave us a $2 trillion tax increase and got $700 billion of those tax increases mostly through the healthcare law. looks like he is coming back for another $1.3 trillion tax increases. this discretionary freeze is off of an extremely high base. they just blew spending out the gates in the last two years. a 24% increase in domestic discretionary spending. throw stimulus on top and that is an 84% increase and he wants to freeze for a few years of the hi
report from washington, d.c. coming up in ten minutes with president obama's message to egypt's president. >>> the latest diplomatic cables released shows al qaeda is on the verge of producing radio active materials. they warnedover a nuclear 9/11 if supplies of you are rain yum was not secured. >>> forecasters say parts of the midwest could get up to 18 inches of snow. the storm hit chicago extremely hard. we will have a live report from chicago with those current conditions in just a few minutes. >>> the blizzard back east is forcing the cancellation of thousands of flights across the country. anyone heading to the bay area airport should call ahead. there were dozens of cancellations at sfo, oakland, and san jose yesterday. more travel troubles are expected today. one travel agent tells us hundreds of bay area super bowl fans heading to texas are stuck waiting for the weather to clear. you can check up to the minute flight information also on our website just look for the travel tab on our front page. >>> in just a few hours a vallejo company will dismantle a ship from a moth
years. >> president obama today condemned the violence in libya. >> the suffering and bloodshed is outrageous and it is unacceptable. so were threats and orders to shoot peaceful protesters. >> the president says he is looking at the full range of options to pressure moammar gadhafi to stop attacks. those options include possible sanctions. the president is sending secretary of state, hillary clinton, to geneva on monday for international talks aimed at stopping the violence. >>> according to the state department, there are approximately 5,000 u.s. citizens living in libya right now. most of them are among those desperate to get out of the country. many packed the airport in tripoli today while hundreds of others boarded a ferry. the u.s. is among several countries scrambling to get their citizens out of that country as the violence threatens to escalate. >>> today, the antigovernment protests entered their 9th day. overnight, there was gun shots and some people report seeing burned bodies in the street. several check points have been set up near the city center restricting mov
mubarak out of office. president mubarak's latest refusal to step down surprised the obama administration. they indicated they expected his resignation yesterday. after he said he would not leave office, president obama released a lengthy statement saying in part the egyptian people have made it clear that there is no going back on the way things were. egypt has changed and its future is in the hands of the people. >>> this morning ac transit bulls will have an escort in one neighborhood. the bus drivers refuse to drive through the area without protection after that terrible shooting. gunfire riddled one bus. they say violence is a constant problem in this neighborhood and sometimes armed young men take over the bus. >> they will get over a bus and show the operator they have a gun. and depending on what they want to do, they just have their way. sheriffs deputies has agreed to follow the buses through the troubled neighborhood. these shadow patrols are somewhat shaky. the deputies could be dispatched to another call at one time. >>> one lane of southbound 101 in redwood city is still clo
the scene this morning. no word on the victim's identity. >>> late this morning, the obama administration announced it will no longer defend the constitutionality of the defense of maferrage act. that's the 1996 federal law that bans the recognition of same-sex marriages. same-sex couples have sued to have the law overturned. the justice department will side with those who say the law is unconstitutional. >> we're now anticipating that this will move to the courts and the courts will decide. >> congress may now appoint it's own -- its own lawyers to defend the law or outside groups might take up the role. swree a reporter working -- we have a reporter working on this story now and will have more at 5:00. >>> the united nations may impose a no-fly zone over libya if unconfirmed reports of attacks on civilians turn out to be true. protesters are broadcasting video of street scenes on youtube as reports surface about the crackdown by m oammar gadhafi. earlier today, we heard that a libyan pie lil intentionally -- pilot intentionally crashed a libyan plane instead of following orders to bomb
to head down the airport. he is scheduled to be down there around 8:35. now, last night president obama met with a small elite group of business leaders from silicon valley. the dinner last night was held at the home of john doerr. ktvu got a look at this motorcade. the guest list included steve jobs and rumors continue to swirl about the -- swirl about the heath of steve jobs. more on that coming up at 7:30. >>> former president bill clinton is also in the bay area. he's scheduled to sweep at a security conference in san francisco this afternoon. there's word that he's barred the press from his keynote address as the r.s.a. security conference at the moscowny center. the-- moscone center. anyone wearing a press badge will not be allowed into the speech, it's reported. >>> this morning you can still see snow on bay area mountaintops from the storm we've had. this is a live look. we're looking at mount hamilton in san jose. mount hamilton is road at quinby road because of snow and ice. the chp closed it after several accidents and spinout. the road will stay closed through saturday. >>>
. >>> president obama this morning calls for new investments in clean energy technology. speak at penn state university, mr. obama says that will create new jobs and and help ensure america's long term stability and federal support for innovative energy products. >> we are telling scientist and engineers all across the country that if they assemble teams of the best minds in their fields and focus on tackling the biggest obstacles to clean abundant and affordable energy, then we'll get behind their work. we as a country. >> political analyst say mr. obama's trip to pennsylvania has a political motive. it is a state that's certain to be key in his re-election bid next year. >>> bay area officials are trying to determine what caused dozens of children to get sick while in a popular science camp. >>> how riders reacted after seeing this disturbing site on a bus. >>> our meteorologist has an amazing winter time forecast. >>> how you can voice your opinion as the local transit system talks about an emergency and devastating cut backs. , sea ro f t t.. ro fn-opooal..ko gr. i'a n ! ro fe ysexdo..ko
of the budget president obama will present to congress soon. he says the plan would dedicate $53 billion to continue building a national high-speed rail network. there is no word yet on how much of the federal dollars might end up helping to fund california's high-speed rail project. >>> tonight the oakland city council will continues its debate on whether to move forward on a controversial policy on pot farms. however one key player will not be part of the discussion. city attorney john russo is fed up with the councils determination to license large- scale pot farms. russo sent the council a letter saying he will no longer represent them in this case siting ethical rules. >>> it is a blustery day for some bay area residents especially for people in the hills. the chp issued advisories for bay area bridges earlier today. you can see the strength of the wind from some flags this morning. one man also had a strange story about gusty winds outside of his home. >> it was blowing very hard until about 4:00 this morning. it was still dark outside. it blew my front door open. it blew a whole p
with president obama's message to egypts president. >>> the latest diplomatic cables show concerns that al qaeda is on the verge of producing radio active weapons. in one of the cables published, a leading atomic regulator warn of the a nuclear 9/11. if supplies were not secured against terrorist. and at a nato meeting in january 2009, security chief said al qaeda was plotting a program of radio active roadside bombs. >>> a massive blizzard has paralyzed people with ice and snow. parts of the midwest could get up to 17 inches of snow. this is video from chicago take an short time ago. the gusts were strong enough to tear pieces of the roof off wrigley field. the home of the chicago cubs. we will have a live report from chicago in just a few minutes. >>> the blizzard back east is forcing the cancellation of thousands of flights across the country. anyone heading to a bay area airport should call ahead. there were dozens of cancellations yesterday. more travel troubles are expected today. one travel agent told u.s. today hundreds of bay area super bowl fans heading to texas are stuck waiting for t
it was down a moment ago. the nasdaq is down 14. the s&p 500 down 5. >>> president obama will be in the bay area thursday evening to meet with high-tech business leaders. so far the white house has only said the president will talk with business leaders in a session that will stress jobs, innovation and green technology and education. no specific information has been released on where the meeting will be held. the president is expected to stay overnight in the bay area before heading to oregon on friday. the economic recovery is alive and well. but the crisis is not over for the public sector. pam cook joins us from the newsroom with the newest silicon valley index report. >>> good morning. this new report shows a pretty healthy prebound for -- which added 12,000 jobs in the silicon valley. it also showed the region is struggling from government jobs and social programs. the jobs are driven to technology. facebook is growing so fast as we've been reporting, it plans to increase its work force by 50% a year. and they are moving its headquarters to a bigger facility in menlo park to accommoda
demonstrators. coming up in 15 minutes the obama administration is increasing pressure on president mubarak to step down. why the egyptian president says he can't. >>> just hours ago a fire at a homeless shelter forced hundreds of people to evacuate. this is just before 2:00 a.m. on little orchard drive. kraig debro is there. what's happening? >> reporter: hundreds of homeless people jolted out of bed by a fire alarm. it started right behind me. you see that door right there it's propped open a little bit so people can get air in there. people are cleaning up what is remaining of the laundry room. now we video tape these pictures of the laundry room. it doesn't look like a total loss. the fire department says the sprinkler system kept down the flames until the crews arrived here six minutes before the 2:00 a.m. call. more than 215 people sleeping here tonight said the alarm was a jolt but there was an orderly evacuation. that evacuation took minutes according to the homeless person. hundreds of people had to wait outside in the cold any way. >> i was sleeping everything and then fire starte
the relationship was sexual but it is still a violation of the terms of his release. >>> president obama came down hard on libyan leader today announcing economic sanctions. the president is still defiant speaking to some 1,000 supporters in tripoli today. the obama administration says they are freezing the u.s. assets of him, four of his children and the libyan government. president obama called the ongoing violation in libya an extraordinary threat to national security. >>> president obama ordered those sanctions only after american citizens were safely out of libya and on the mediterranean island of malta. a ferry chartered by the u.s. government carried 300 passengers there. at least 167 of them are americans. their departure from libya had been delayed since wednesday because of strong winds and high seas. >>> in san francisco a rally took place this afternoon to show support for the uprising in libya. ktvu's rob roth found one man who is desperately trying to get in touch with his relatives in the volatile country. >> reporter: she tried calling tripoli this afternoon attempting to reach his
: elevennen days into this resolution in egypt and president obama has yet to take any questions about it. while he's made several statements, he's not taken reporters's questions. today he will. he holds a joint press conference with the prime minister of canada at the white house later today. now, top members of his administration, president obama's administration, have been working behind the scenes feverishly on a proposal. they are working with top egyptian officials on this proposal to get egypt's president, hosni mubarak, to step down immediately. and here on capitol hill last night, the u.s. senate passed a resolution urging mubarak to hand over power. >> there is every possibility that this crisis lurches into a genuine massacre, and we cannot afford that. and we must do everything in our power to see that it stops. >> reporter: here on capitol hill, momentum also seems to be building for the idea of cutting off aid to egypt unless mubarak steps down now. reporting live from washington, d.c., alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. >>> time now, 7:17. well, fashion desig
channel 2. >>> we continue to monitor the unfolding crisis in cairo this morning the obama administration is facing criticism as its policies for egypt are not making many people happy. but is it on purpose? >>> no doubt the giants' world series run brought an economic boost to san francisco. but what it did to the police department has some people calling for changes and you saw these live pictures on ktvu first. we have two crews on the scene of three separate building fires. we'll have another live report from the scene straight ahead. caitlin: i was diagnosed with scoliosis. when you're 16, nobody wants to go through back surgery. my doctor has letters and pictures of other kids who've gone through the same thing on his walls and that really helped me not be as scared. i'm not worried about my back anymore. i wanna do that again! announcer: at sutter health, our story is you. for moreries, visit announcer: at sutter health, our story is you. this is my band from the 80's, looker. hair and mascara, a lethal combo. i'm jon haber of alto music. my business is all about
on the crowd in what is the biggest demonstration yet. no reports of major violence. meanwhile the obama administration is in an extremely difficult diplomatic position. trying to embrace the ideals of the demonstrators without alienating a key ally in the middle east. >> we're not picking between those on the street and those in the government. >> reporter: the demonstrators are calling on president obama to step up pressure on egyptian president to resign. the obama administration is going so far as to call on him to hold free and fair elections and to not run for office again. but this is clearly one of the most complex foreign policy dilemmas facing president obama. reporting live from washington d.c., allison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> and these protests may be spreading throughout the arab world. we're following developing news out of jordan this morning just within the last hour. jordan's king announced he has sacked all of his top government officials including the country's prime minister following street protests there. thousands of jordin ins have been demonstrating inspi
in the house of representatives. >>> president obama sought to mend fences to american business leaders. he spoke to a number of a groom of ads that -- he spoke to a number of execs and he says growing america's economy requires working together. >> as we work with you to make america a better place to do business, i'm hoping that all of you are thinking what you can do for america. ask yourselves what you can do to hire more american workers. what you can do to support the american economy and invest in thiscation. >> mr. obama included the business leaders to begin spending the $2 trillion in cash they've been keeping in reserve while waiting for the economy to recover. >>> america's work force is becoming split between the haves and have-nots. a new report shows the lines are moving farther apart. companies are less likely to lay off workers now. the report by outplacement firm challenger gray and christmas shows businesses planned just 39,000 job cuts last month. that's down 40% from january of last year. but people would unemployed are staying out of work longer. >> we need more rapid
receiving unemployment compensation across the country. >>> president obama will arrive later today for a quick overnight visit to the bay area. the president is scheduled to meet with high-tech business leaders at a private dinner. among the executives due to meet with the president, facebook ceo, mark zuckerberg, apple's ceo, steve jobs, and google's ceo, eric schmidt. the head will spend the day and evening here before heading to oregon. >> and that traffic will increase -- >> yes. >> right now we need to know what's going on. >>> sal, what is going? >> it's going to be tough out there. we're looking at the traffic. it will be very slow for this morning's commute. on highway 4, it's slow from antioch all the way to concord. there are a couple of breaks in the action. 80 is all right if you are driving from pinole -- pinole to richmond. slow traffic and gusty winds across marin county. on southbound 101 it slows right near the marin area to central san rafael. but not as bad as it can be in that area. let's go to the live pictures. westbound westbound bay bridge, there are no --
president obama's 2011 deadline to end all combat operations there. the 297 says as far as they know, the timetable is skill on schedule. the deployment of the 297th its first during the entire iraqi war campaign is to leave another company. when they leave, they will be stakessed in a forward-area of combat operations. a soldier we spoke narrowly survived the san bruno explosion. >> what happened, he pulled me out. some guy he was talking to me. he was asking me on a date. i walked away. it blew up. he stopped me from walking over the the pipeline -- walking over the pipeline. >> reporter: did you say yes? >> no [ laughter ] >> reporter: one of the soldiers say they are very proud to wear the united states form. many are looking forward to the year overseas deployment. reporting live in san mateo county, kraig debro -- kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> it's news that blindsided some concord parents. they found out after listening to ktvu news that after a vote last night to close two ore schools, there was talk of closing westwood elementary school as well. most have thought wes
're calling on president obama and his administration to cut off government aid to egypt. the protest starts at 9:00 p.m. >>> in egypt right now, president mubarak is still in power despite massive day of departure protest calling for him to step aside. thousands and thousands demanded mubarak's immediate departure. the protests were mostly peaceful. however gunshots were fired in cairo. egypt's health -- ministry now says the death toll has reached 11. president obama says there's needs to be a transfer system. and including a slide show of the major political players just click on the egypt tab on >>> chinese dancers mark the beginning of the lunar new year today at san francisco's city hall. they performed a traditional lion dance in the rotunda. they offer free performances at city hall on the first friday. >>> ktvu's rob roth has been talking with shop owners about what they are expecting during this year's celebration, rob. >> reporter: julie, here in china town we've been hearing a familiar sound all day a sound that's also music to the ears of many store owners. at the emp
. temperatures every 30,40s and 50s. >> it sounds nice. >>> a repeal of president obama's health care reform bill could go to senate today. it is not expected to get enough support in the senate. the health care law is estimated to extend coverage to more than $30 million uninsured americans. it targets insurance industry abuses. >>> charlotte, north carolina will be the host city for the democratic parties national convention in 2012. president obama is seeking reelection that year. considerates say the location of the convention indicates they will been competitive in the south. republicans will hold their convention in tampa, florida. >>> a san francisco retailer will be arraigned today in connection with the fatal shooting of two rival store workers in fisherman's wharf. 56-year-old hong is charged with two counts of murder. it stemmed from an argument over counterfeit merchandise. >>> san jose has a new police chief this morning. the city council unanimously approved chris young. he plans to bring many changes to the city. that includes a community advisory board with critics and friends of
obama bunched the -- launched the 2012 budget battle. he says this involves tough budget cuts. craig boswell say the republicans say this is just a road map for more spending. >> reporter: staffers on capitol hill began this valentine's day morning unpacking and unwrapping budget books. president obama '$3.73 trillion blueprint. the president says his proposal trims more than 200 federal programs while making key investments in transportation, research and education. >> the only way we can make these investments in our future is if our government starts missing -- living within the means. >> reporter: he also says it contains 1.1 trillion in deficit savings through tax increases and spending cuts. >> in the next five years, we're increasing discretionary spending which is $400 billion of savings. >> reporter: the administration predicts they will hit a record of $1.6 trillion and republicans say this contains way too much red ink and wants deeper cuts. >> this is just more debt. >> reporter: other gop leaders called the president's plan an fiscally irresponsible spending fee. >> when
highway patrol are now investigating new graffiti threatening president obama and governor jerry brown. the messages were found on a wall in santa ana in orange county. one said quote governor brown will die soon. another says why does obama lie? police say racist slogans were painted nearby. similar threats showed up nearby less than a mile away. >>> smokers in honduras could be arrested for lighting up at home. a new law took effect on monday banning smoking in public and private spaces. it doesn't outlaw smoking inside the home but it does allow people to file a complaint about second home smoke. it will be almost impossible to enforce in a country of 8 million people. >>> time now is 4:53. we need to go back over to sal. how is the commute? >> so for it's good. let's go outside and take a look at what we have here. the traffic is moving along pretty well as you drive heading south there are no major problem there is. also the morning commute looks good on northbound 101 approaching the 80 split in san francisco. that traffic continues to move along very nicely. if you are driving o
's governors just hours ago, president obama offered to get states design their own healthcare plan as long as they fulfill certain goals. he also challenged state chiefs who are attempting to balance their budgets by weakening labor unions for public employees. >> i also know that many of you are making desists -- decisions regarding your public work forces and i know how difficult that can be. i recently grow the salaries of federal employees for two years -- froze the salaries of federal employees for two years. i didn't want to do it but i had 20 due to the fiscal situation we're in. >> he says when it comes to fiscal belt tightening, everyone has to give up something, but he says what is happening in wisconsin, should not happen. >> and here's wisconsin. hundreds are celebrating a victory of sorts. authorities have backed away from a threat to evict supporters who have occupied the state dan -- state capitol for nearly two weeks. police say they don't face arrests as long as they continue to follow the law. governor scott walker says wisconsin is flat broke and he needs to take drastic
discussion monday with gadafi express deep concern with the escalating violence there. the obama administration is also expressing the same concerns and condemning the violence in libya. in the newsroom, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> all right. thank you. and similar unrest continues to grow in other parts of the middle east. video posted on youtube shows panic protesters running from police on motorcycles yesterday in the city of shiraz, iran. protests have broken out in mor rocco. they're continuing in yemen. next month's formula one race has been called off because of all the protests. the uprising in the middle east have shown the u.s. government the power of the internet to spread democracy. >> we want to use it to rebut some of the falsehoods and accusations unfortunately made against the united states. mostly we want to be in the mix with this incredible young, energetic population, that is seeking the same rights to express themselves as young people the united states see. >> middle east scholars say the power of the non-violate protests in egypt forcing the president out of o
dinner that president obama attended. according to the center for politics ten of the 11 companies contributed to president obama's 2008 campaign. google donated $108,000. facebook $34,000. twitter the least generous of the bunch $750. >>> in israel they are trying to figure out a way to allow google street view to photograph israeli cities despite it could be used by terrorist attacks. they instructed the experts to work with georgiaen to find a -- google to find a safe way top use that feature. >>> there is new graffiti threatening both president obama and jerry brown. one said i'm quoting governor brown will die soon. another says why does obama lie? police say racist slogans were painted nearby. similar threats showed up next month. the secret service and the chp are investigating. >>> 6:18 is the time right now. let's go back over to sal who is watching traffic this morning. how is the commute? >> it's okay. as a matter of fact, the traffic is doing pretty well around the bay area. i encourage you to join the conversation if you want to contact me some way. there at o
there is is frustration and confusion at the white house this morning. alison. >> reporter: pam, president obama does seem to be taking his toughest stance yet against egypt's president after hosni mubarak surprised everyone and announced last night he staying in office. let's take a look here at the statement issued by president obama after mubarak's speech. he said the egyptian government must put forward a credible concrete and unequivocal path toward genuine democracy. it was expected in the obama administration that he would announce his resignation last night. part of what set off that expectation were comments from the cia when asked about media reports that mubarak would be stepping down. >> i got the same information you did that there is a strong likelihood that mubarak will step down this evening which would be significant. >> reporter: the cia has been under fire for weeks now for not having better information about what is going on in egypt. we are trying to find out this morning if president obama is going to be talking about this crisis today. he does not have any public events on his sched
new details about the guest list at last weeks exclusive silicon valley dinner that president obama atepidded last week. according to the center of responsive politics. ten of the 11 companies contributed financially to mr. obama's 2008 presidential campaign. for example google donated $803,000 to the president's campaign. yahoo $164,000. facebook $34,000. and twitter which was the least generous of the group $750. >>> in israel they are trying to figure out a way to allow google street view to photo photograph street videos. yesterday a team of israeli cabinet members constructed experts to work with google to find a safe way to implement the feature. >>> there is new graffiti threatening president obama and jerry brown. one said quote governor brown will die soon. another says why does obama lie? police say racist slogans were painted nearby. similar threats showed up nearby less than a mile away. the secret service and california highway patrol are investigating. >>> time now 5:17. let's check in with sal. it has been quiet in the commute. >> it has been. today is the day a lot o
they are saying. >> reporter: president obama has not called for the resignation of the president. he does insist that the president honor the pledges he made including not seeking reelection. why -- >>> the challenge is to help our partners take systemic steps to usher in a better future where people's voices are heard, their rights respected and their aspirations met. >> reporter: i'm matt cherry reporting from atlanta. >>> there are conflicting explanations tonight on just what caused a pipeline 0 explode near the egyptian border with gaza. egypt's natural gas company said that the fire was caused by a gas leak. but a local security official said the blast was set off by an explosive device. the pipeline carries natural gas to jordan and israel and is the third most strait strategically important. >> the shop owners were able to open for the first time in days. but this is costing egypt more than $10,000 a day in lost revenue. more than 10% of egyptian jobs are generated thru the tourism industry. tourism has dropped off drastically since the protests began. >> i gave my money on a daily basis
and the leader. now that americans have been safely evacuated from libya, president obama is speaking out on the libyan leader. leland vitter reports. >> reporter: a strong condemnation from president obama on the violence and unrest in libya during a private phone call with the german chancellor he says the lib january leader must leave now. according to the white house mr. obama said. it's the first time the president has called on him to step down. the u.s. has revoked visas for top libyan officials and their family members and has frozen assets of loyalists held in american banks. >> we have had a problem in finding the right balance. but the truth is i don't believe in tough rhetoric unless we can back it up. because tough rhetoric without action makes america look weak. >> reporter: this as they pass out weapons to the companies supporters in tripoli. they are sending out patrols to maintain control in the city. tripoli is home to about a third of libya's six million people. but the leader's son went on t.v. and same the city is calm. >> there is a big distortion and deception camp
vote. but they do send a clear message to the president. >> it is obama care, it's a travesty, it is big government, it needs to be repealed. >> reporter: like a line of dominoes, house republicans knocked down funding for president obama's health care reform law, banned the epa from regulating greenhouse gases and stripped planned parenthood clinics of about $30,000. >> abortion dismembered children piece to piece. >> the gentleman from new jersey has just put my stomach in knots. that procedure you just talked about is a procedure that i endured. >> reporter: ktvu's mike mibach is live in congress spears district where she is receiving an outpouring of support after that emotional statement on the house floor there. >> a wave of emotion traveling from washington, d.c. right here to san mateo. inside the congresswoman's district office up there on the seventh floor. her painful personal story really hitting home with some of those she represents. >> reporter: the phones rang, the e-mails filtered in. the constituents thanking her for her work. >> i looked across the aisle an
] >> reporter: some demonstrators shouted down with america. they are angry that president barack obama is backing the idea of a gradual transition. today egypt showed signs of banks opening and president barack obama sounded optimistic about the changes in egypt. >> i think they are making progress. >> in cairo president hosni mubarak met with his new cabinet for the first time and gave public workers a 15% pay hike. he would investigate the eruptions of fraud. >> they have coverage of the uprising in egypt and on our website we are constantly updating it. once there you will find a link to our special egypt section. >>> the hikers in iran said they were glad they can pro claim their innocence in court. it was a five hour hearing where they pled not guilty to charges of spying. she pled not guilty and the family said they hope this case can be resolved quickly and that their sons can fine lip come home after 18 months. they say they will hold at least one more hearing. >>> the post has agreed to a deal worth $315 million. they will run the contempt such as map quest and the
struggling, folks have lost jobs. >> reporter: president obama told governors they can count on him as they are being asked to stretch their budgets. >>> and who could be going against president obama in 2012. >> congress goes back to work tomorrow with the clock ticking. what a shut down could mean and what a lawmaker told us today about a deal on the table that could buy everyone a little more time. >>> take a look at this dramatic video tonight of a solar flair. just how long it lasted and the potential threat it posed. >>> we currently have clear skies across most of the bay area. but that will soon be changing. i'm tracking the weather system offshore and where the rain chances will actually be the highest. >>> take a look at this, some impressive pictures this is a solar flair on the sun. this eruption occurred last thursday and lasted about 90 minutes. the eruption is the latest in a series of strong sun storms this month. the blast was directed away from earth and was not expected to disrupt satellite systems. >>> in chile today there were memorials and protests to mark one
will do it now because we have to to get our budget balanced. >> chris: president obama stepped into this controversy this week. let's listen to what he said. >> some of what i heard coming out of wisconsin where you are just making it harder for public employees to collectively bar gip generally seems like more of an assault on unions. >> you said that the president should focus on balancing his own budget. do you think that his stepping into a state collective bargaining issue is inappropriate and what do you think of his political arm organizing for america taking a role in mobilizing some of the opposition? >> i think you are right. the president ultimately should stay focused on fixing the federal budget because they have a huge deficit and they full inir hands null washington. in a larger context the thousands of protesters have every right to be heard at least those from wisconsin. as you just ainclude a alludede are more and more coming in from wisconsin. there are over 3,000 state and local workers who werent here and who are doing their job they are paid to do. there a
. president obama. >>> what president obama is doing today to try to mend fences with business leaders. >>> is it hot in here or is it just me? >> and which super bowl ads are getting rave reviews. >>> the numbers are higher this morning on wall street. >>> the national automobile dealers association wraps up its convention in san francisco with former secretary of state condoleezza rice speaking this afternoon. she was at the super bowl yesterday. several newsworthy announce -- announcements have come out of the meeting. there could be shifts added. >>> and chrysler is also willing to spend more money to spotlight the made-over products. it had an ad. they will boost business by 68%. they did not name a dollar amount. chrysler is aiming to business by 25% around the world. >>> a lot of people consider them the very best part of the super bowl. they tune in to see the nfl's biggest game, right? but they want to watch the commercials. this year the going rate was about $3 million for a 30- second commercial. critics say this one may promote racial stereotypes. >> maximum taste. ♪ >> h
for the attacks on the anti-government protesters. president obama made his latest comments on the violence in egypt within the last hour at a national prayer breakfast. we'll have a live report with what he had to say coming up in 15 minutes. >>> at that prayer breakfast, astronaut mark kelly, who is the huz of -- who is the huz of giffords, gave the closing -- who is the husband of giffords, gave the closing remarks just moments ago. >> why was gabby shot 57 left clinging to life? we can't ever know the answer to these questions. but thank god gabby survives. >> kelly says doctors are continuing to be impressed with the recovery she's making with her brain injury. >>> we want to check in with sal. >> tori and mike, westbound market is open. you can get through there, eastbound heading out towards the -- toward the bay, if you will, still closed on market street because of that fire. so we'll keep you updated on that. claudine wong remains on the scene. let's take a look at san francisco freeways. northbound 101 looks good coming up to the toll plaza -- i'm sorry to the toll plaza. no maj
on the condition of the other two people. >>> this morning, president obama is reaching out to egypt's military. what the president says needs to be done by military leaders there now that they are in charge of that country. and politics are getting more hands-on in venezuela. what is causing the rise in tension there? >>> happy saturday. mostly clear skies as we start the morning. little cool started, just a light breeze al am immediata for you. >>> this morning, senior u.s. military officials are headed to the middle east to reassure two key u.s. allies. recent demonstrations in egypt have sparked some fear that similar unrest could spread through the region. as a result, chairman of the joint chiefs of staff will hold meetings in amman tomorrow with the jordan king. jordan is a close u.s. partner on the war on terror and a key player in the mideast peace process. after a visit to jordan, amman will lead to israel where leaders are worried mubarak's resignation could jeopardize the peace treaty with egypt. >>> and as the admiral heads to the middle east, president obama is hopeful for the fut
of washington, d.c. coming up in ten minutes with the obama administration's response. >>> another big story we're following this morning is that massive storm in the east and midwest. blizzard is affecting air travel all across the nation this morning, including airports right here in the bay area. let's give you a live picture from our view out at sfo. they are at the ticket counter, the american airlines ticket counter. this morning, we found travelers going to chicago will be affected the most. all flights in and out of their have been cancelled. the airport officials say new york, boston and philadelphia may also see some problems throughout the day. >> it's a very dynamic situation. things could change. i wouldn't expect much travel through chicago up to the midwest today. >> we also talked with some travelersers who were returning to the airport -- travelers who were returning to the airport this morning. the severe weather in the east is making ground transportation impossible. several drivers were stranded and had to use snowmobiles to get them out. the area is also seeing winds up to
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